2016 Represser 30 GR (electric/hybrid)

EUR  76,500
Wrocław, Polen
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Wrocław, Polen
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REPRESSER 30 GR - electrical / hybrid

Newcoming in 2016 - cruise and rest where combustion engines are not
allowed to. For 8 hours with maximum speed

Basic characteristics of REPRESSER 30:
-possibility of road transport without any special permissions
-comfortable interior and cockpit
-wide visibility pilothouse with athermal monochromatic polycarbonate
-extra large spacious bathroom with separate shower
-ease steering even for one person
-attractive design
-possibility of interior personalization

Idea of electric version os recieving possible highest charging system
from panels supported by electrical and mobile/stationary power

Our suggestions for engine are E-Tech-7-POD or E-Tech-10-POD, depending
of cruising region.

Basic configuration:
1. E-Tech-7-POD propulsion
2. 16" propeller
3. 4x AGM 220Ah batteries
4. 230VAC / 48VDC-25A charger
5. Lombardini 3kW generator
6. Land connector
7. 4st x 290w solar panels
8. Solar panels voltage controller
9. Victron Battery controller.

Yacht receiption - April 2016.
Demo version available, very attractive price with 3500 DMC trailer -
- see our listed yachts below

Represser 30 conception is based on connection between classical hull line with modern interior design and practical solutions made for usage comfort. 

Represser 30 is intended for calm sailing on rivers, bays, lakes, and after applying additional euipment - on coastal waters aswell.

Construction assumptions:

- road transport without any additional allowances

- standing level in cockpit and saloon

 - large, functional bathroom with electric WC and separate shower cabin

 - panoramic side windows in standard

 - low displacement

 - large saloon in Open Space type or optionally 2 lockable cabins and comfortable berths in saloon

 - optional sunroof

 - galley in the wheelhouse


We constantly aspire to develop technologies increasing the strength of our yachts, while developing manufacturing 
techniques and increase the functionality, and while constantly improving our concepts.

Represser 30 is a unique and individual product.
It's a yacht for people who aim to achieve more than others, because we follow the concept, which does not run out of space for hobbies, relaxation and comfort.
Represser 30 is a unique, inimitable and incomparavble yacht in the European market.

This yacht fulfills the contrast between the life tempo and the azure water of soothing the senses after a long day.
Those are the features we've been guided by creating a brand Represser.
Our products do not remain unproven. We modify so long and hard, until we reach our ambitious goal.

Perfection in each meter.

Represser Yachts is a unique product for the people living with intense, expecting the highest quality and constantly hungry for new experiences. It's yachts for those who want to be authentic and exceptional, like people and things with which they surround themselves.

Uniqueness. Individuality. Artistry. That's what we always link with Represser Yachts.

The Represser 30 concept is based on a combination of classic hull lines and modern interior design, aswell with 
practical solutions affecting usage comfort.

Represser 30 is available in two versions:
Cruiser - cabotage, stationary diesel engine 27,42,65 hp Craftsman Marine
R Green - the electric version allowing 8 hour travel at 8 knots.


Please contact Sebastian Kurek at +48 664 005 791

An diesem Boot interessiert? Telefon: +48 664 005 791

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Telefon: +48 664 005 791
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