2016 Absolute 52 FLY

EUR  1,278,167
South Florida, FL
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zweimotorig / diesel
South Florida, FL
GFK (Fiberglas)
Current Fractional Price:
US$ 1,350,000 (EUR  1,278,167) 
14 :


A quarter share yacht ownership interest provides you with 25% of available days per year on this gorgeous 2016 Absolute 52 Fly. SeaNet provides a financially savvy solution to traditional yacht ownership that is ideal for today’s active lifestyle. Through SeaNet’s innovative programs, you can experience all the benefits of yacht ownership without the hassles of staffing, maintaining, or servicing your yacht.

Limited to a maximum of four owners per vessel, SeaNet provides the perfect amount of time to enjoy all the best ports and cruising areas desired. Furthermore, SeaNet delivers a true yacht ownership lifestyle with acquisition and operating cost savings, complete yacht management, and comprehensive concierge services.

For more information and availability, please contact our office.


Let the sea be your lullaby!

Any owner’s biggest wish is to enjoy on the sea the very same feeling he enjoys at home; and there’s no more sought objective for Absolute than realizing it; this is the spirit that accompanies the design of the Absolute 52 Fly alike.

It was enginered for your comfort, your eyes, your company: wide areas invite you to live together the Absolute 52 Fly experience. Within its 16 meter length, luxury and design merge with water, and what sprouts from it is the sentiment that the Absolute 52 Fly is an integral part of the environment surrounding it.

Before visiting the main deck, you should really take a look at the fly: it’s really worth a visit! There’s everything needed not to regret the mainland; a large sofa greets the newcomers aboard, announcing a surprising comfort, and, within reach, there’s a table and a piece of furniture that make it all look more like a hall, where, with the aid of a couple of chairs, up to eight people can cozily spend time together, hugged by a captivating radar arch; closely, there’s the piloting place, so that your group can take advantage of each instant spent together. Obviously, it couldn’t come without a reclining sunbed, for anyone who wishes to use a clear and sunny day. Going down a level, and walking down the pulpit surrounding the whole boat, there’s an additional sunbed of generous sizes to be found, whose reclining seats help enjoy the natural show happening right before your eyes.

When accessing the inner spaces, the Absolute 52 Fly doesn’t get less fascinating at all; another table witnesses lunches and dinners to be had with whoever you want, and the “dining” zone perfectly mixes with an “open space” area, which include fridge at full height, fiberglass stove, microwave oven and, at the owner’s discretion, a dishwasher. Its position is not outcome of chance, it’s strategically convenient to serve both hall and cockpit, in order for all the rooms to look like one single fluid location. This to enable you to freely share ideas, advices and moments during meals too, without being obstructed by any bulkhead, in a proper convivial moment. These are going to be memories sticking on you forever: the laughs, the breeze, the sunsets, the sunrises; you decide how to best spend your living together on board Absolute 52 Fly.

Going towards bow, what catches the eye is the command post: technologic, efficient, comfortable, safe. Simply put, “Absolute”. Steering proves to be a pleasure, also thanks to the armchair for the captain. From there, the sea is at your complete disposal, to be slightly shaped and undulated by the passing of the Absolute 52 Fly.

When the night falls and you put your trust in the lower deck, more treasures await being discovered; Absolute firmly believes in the concept of “belonging”, and thus, everything’s designed thinking of you, so that you can inextricably perceive it as your natural habitat. The owner has a master cabin for himself, furnished with double bed, sofa and personal toilet; his guests get an equal regard, since a few steps away, passing another toilet which also serves as “daily”, there’s another cabin with a double bed ready to welcome them. And what if the party was crowded? Well, have no fear, an additional full-size cabin is there to surprise you with two twin beds.

With Absolute 52 Fly, the Italian shipyard meant to reduce the gap between man and water as much as possible, taking us back to the element where we all were born. The wide glass windows running along the cabin make the surface look even closer and more tangible; just one gaze out the window and the sea will lull you as if it was a song.

Either you’re owners or guests, find your new space to call Home.


Contact SeaNet for Additional Information: 1(800) 638-7715

Please contact Michael Costa at +1 (949) 764-1718

An diesem Boot interessiert? Gebührenfrei: 866-381-7602
Telefon: (949) 764-1718

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Gebührenfrei: 866-381-7602
Telefon: (949) 764-1718

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An diesem Boot interessiert? Gebührenfrei: 866-381-7602
Telefon: (949) 764-1718