2006 Leopard 24

EUR  790,000
South, Frankreich
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zweimotorig / diesel
South, Frankreich
GFK (Fiberglas)
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EUR  790,000 

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The leopard brand name is well deserved for this elegant yacht. It’s a classic blend of beauty, power, and grace. We are looking for a buyer to bring this Yacht to the states for charter service. Over the last few years, this yacht has been in the Mediterranean and chartered very successfully. It’s financial break-even point in the Mediterranean is 30 days of charter per year.  

Due to the Mediterranean Regulations for chartering, we can get this yacht approved for chartering in the USA only 90 days after arrival. Coast Guard approval in the USA requires many safety features that are very expensive to retrofit on pleasure yachts. For example, a collision bulkhead in the bow, fire-fighting equipment, etc. For a yacht this size, this equipment retrofitted would cost at least $250,000 if it could be done at all. However this yacht has everything already built in because it was originally constructed for European Charter standards that are more strict than USCG charter requirements.

The owner of this Leopard has spared no expense to keep his yacht in immaculate condition. As of last April 2014 there were the following improvements: new cushions throughout, new teak, a new tender with only 5 hours. This vessel has a level of cleanliness reserved only for boat shows. If you are a serious buyer and take the time to come and inspect this yacht and you find that the condition is not as describe it, we will reimburse your airline ticket.

The Mediterranean charter season starts in June and this yacht will be busy through mid September. Why not buy it while she is in the Mediterranean and take a well deserved vacation cruising the French or Italian Rivieras? This yacht is moored just hours away from Corsica and Sardinia and most other well-known vacation spots throughout the Mediterranean and beyond!

If you are in a tax bracket that is higher than 30% we can show you how to save 30-40% of the total cost of owning this yacht. If you are unfortunate enough to pay more than 50% in taxes and you can borrow the selling price of this yacht on your signature, after 5 years, your net cost of owning this yacht could be zero.

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*Yacht available in France and Florida*

You can also reach me on my cell 727-479-6530

International Yacht Brokerage

IYB1 Inc

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Ext 2       Tampa Sales        Larae L  GMT -5               +1-305-418-9091

Ext 3       St Pete Sales       Paula C  GMT -5               +1-954-289-4738

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Ext 11    Nordhavn-LRCs    Alex G   GMT -5                 +1-954-228-7481

Ext 12    Russia                   Anna N   GMT -5                 +1-727-362-5505



International Yacht Brokerage (IYB1) specializes in helping yacht buyers find the right yacht at the right price. Our multilingual team of yacht consultants operate worldwide, and as a team. We have experience as captains, marine surveyors, helicopter and fixed-wing pilots, yacht management, and last, but certainly not least, yacht owners. This experience allows us to guide buyers like no other yacht brokerage team is capable.

Our “yacht brokers” are consultants that specialize in just a few brands within yacht segments such as sports fishing, medium sized motor yachts, long range yachts, mega yachts, etc. For example, our Nordhavn specialist has studied at the Nordhavn yard, and knows well the history of this shipyard and the different models developed over the years. He knows exactly which yachts are for sale, as well as well as those that are not officially for sale. He happens to also be a Nordhaven owner! This same yacht consultant has little experience with the Hatteras brand and would be ill-at-ease advising a yacht buyer in such a purchase. For this reason, we need to re-emphasize that our yacht consultants specialize by shipyard, so let us direct you to the yacht consultant that will be the most helpful for your yacht search.

We work in teams to be able to provide the highest service. For example, if you are looking for an explorer yacht of 150 feet from a German shipyard, the team will be composed of a full displacement specialist (Alex), a mega yacht expert (Alain), and a German speaker with finance and negotiating expertise (Pat). The multi-national team speaks the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, and Swedish. IYB1’s multi-national presence will also help you find the best deal since price differences between locations can be as much as 40% due to exchange rate fluctuations.

We don’t just find the best yacht to fit your budget, we also arrange the following on the behalf behalf of our clients: haul outs, surveys and sea trial, financing, class inspections, refit, crew recruitment, yacht management, shipping and unloading, ocean deliveries, electric conversion, registry deletion and foreign registrations, and last but not least, maritime lawyers to protect your investment. IYB1 also works with a team of transport experts, marine electricians, captains, and customs agents to ensure that your new vessel arrives in your marina safely and in time.


Please contact Patrick Dines at (954) 302 8688

An diesem Boot interessiert? Gebührenfrei: 877-634-6525
Telefon: (954)-302-8688

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Gebührenfrei: 877-634-6525
Telefon: (954)-302-8688

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An diesem Boot interessiert? Gebührenfrei: 877-634-6525
Telefon: (954)-302-8688