2000 Pacific Seacraft Pilothouse 40

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The Pacific Seacraft Pilothouse 40 model adds an acceptable layer of decadence to the comforts of the standard 40 model. The house is large enough for lounging in and looking out at fair or foul weather on passage, at the bustle of a foreign harbor, or even at those awful people in the slip next door in the marina. One can steer from inside to avoid getting sprayed; and at night, with the boat on autopilot, one can stand watch with a book on the lap. If a house is strongly built - as is the 40's - it will stand up to ocean conditions and will add appreciably to the righting moment in the event of a knockdown. Should the boat ever be rolled completely - a most unlikely happening - the house will add to the boat's self-righting ability. And what is given up in return for all this Not very much - perhaps additional weight equivalent to two to three people in the cockpit, and approximately 1 to 2 degrees of heel in a smart breeze. Not a bad trade off, all in all.
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