EUR  232,662
Oxnard, CA
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Oxnard, CA
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US$ 260,000 (EUR  232,662) 

Very custom Pacemaker motor yacht. Nicely done with many features of good taste and craftsmanship. 

Recent work done. List from seller...

  • Rebuilt alternators both motors and installed
  • Replaced valve cover gaskets both motors
  • Replaced all heat exchanger and header gaskets
  • Changed all filters
  • Designed and built arch for solar panels helped install and wire solar panel system
  • New plywood on decks and fibber glassed them in full upper lower
  • Designed and built canvas frame upper helm
  • Installed upper led lighting for running at sea
  • Installed led lighting around upper helm and around deck
  • Installed and made stainless moldings around yacht
  • Rebuilt and stripped transom, fiber glassed 6 layers rear transom corners
  • Rebuilt and fiber glassed upper transom
  • Scrubbed bilge and painted complete bilge and engine room in rubber paint
  • Removed and installed shaft bearings
  • Installed 3rd toilet new pressure tank and electrical pluming
  • Took washer dryer out and repaired washer switch
  • Sealed and 5200 all side windows and re-fibber glassed lower window tracks
  • Installed macerater pump plumbing and electrical
  • Put new acid in all batteries installed 2 new batteries
  • Installed new upright tool box
  • Installed new air compressor
  • Installed new engine room lighting
  • Replaced all valve cover gaskets
  • Replaced and exhaust gaskets all motors
  • Installed new belts and filters
  • Acid cleaned all motors sanded rust wire brushed and re- painted all motors
  • Rewired engine room over head and all new battery leads over head
  • Sanded repainted galley complete
  • Sanded repainted all wood interior trim
  • Installed all new wall coverings salon
  • Made new mahogany wood trim salon windows
  • Remodeled both rear heads complete with new shower pump and pluming wiring
  • Installed led lights
  • New plug outlets
  • Wall covering carpet and all new mahogany walls with fabric wall coverings master state room
  • New carpet hall way steps,
  • New carpet side state room,
  • New bunks 2 upper side state room,
  • New custom made rear seat upper helm
  • New full bar upper helm
  • New counter bbq upper helm all new upholstery up top n
  • New custom made bar stoles up top
  • New radar installed and wired with new tower support with custom led lights,
  • Led pocket and bottle rack lighting
  • New cold fridg and sink up top
  • New tachs and gauges up top,
  • New anchor light with custom mount
  • New sword handles holders and flag holder custom made wired in
  • New gps head and installed vhf radio and wired mounted
  • New horn mounted and wired, installed wired
  • New antennas for 3 vhf radios, installed
  • New 3 thousand watt sound system up top with speakers wired and installed amps
  • Installed all new wall covering up top
  • Painted all arch for solar and canvas frame
  • Built custom bottle holder and led lighting bar lower
  • Put new Formica around bar and walls lower bar area and installed new fridge and plugs rewired electrical uscg,
  • Took lower helm apart rewired and cleaned painted inside and out
  • Replaced all mahogany walls salon and new fabric wall covering
  • Cleaned water tanks, fuel tanks, and fixed all leaks with new hose and clamps
  • Sanded and rubber coated all stainless hand rail polls
  • Glass rack lower bar custom made
  • Installed none skid
  • Painted hull complete after installing all new window frames and fibber glassed and molded to hull after new planking and ribs were installed finish and painted
  • Fiber glassed and rubber coated window dividers upper bar windows and re sealed all windows replaced and fibber glassed new 4x4x ribs in v- birth,
  • Installed gfi plugs in all areas of yacht
  • Installed auto lights switch for led lighting
  • Took of all corner molding and fiber glassed all post and molded finished and painted everything deck up
  • 5200 every joint to stop water leaks in every area of yacht even over head
  • Installed molded painted custom ¾ window trim salon house
  • Made custom board to hold fridg in bar safely,
  • Install door and cabinet door locks to not open at sea
  • Designed all logos and art for body wrap
  • Installed 12volt water pump wire and mount
  • Installed invertors and wiring and mount for galley tv station and bar area
  • Re-painted lower bar area
  • Re-planked both rear sides of yacht and new ribs for 28 feet with new cotton
  • Built all new walls and removed upper helm re-placed all wood walls and frames with new and 5200 and rubber coating made new 1 ¾ inch thick windshields upper helm
  • 4 new bilge pumps and floats wired mounted and installed
  • Painted galley fridg
  • Re-tinted all windows
  • Replaced water heater with tank less and mounted wired
  • Installed 4 tvs mounted and dvd blue ray 3D and surround a sound and office printer and lower cd player speakers and inverter
  • Ran all new plumbing and 12volt and 110 wire upper helm with gfis and wire box and outdoor boxes witches
  • Rebuilt and fiber glassed chain locker
  • Replaced all bad lumber with new mahogany and rubber coated finish
  • Rubber coated all decks after new plywood and fiber glass was installed
  • Put new fuses in main panel
  • Replaced all upper helm switches and wiring,
  • 5200 all inside widow frames and outside
  • Put all new stainless screws in every molding on yacht from standard to Philips
  • Ran new fuel fill lines uscg to fuel tanks
  • Installed all new hose clamps on everything and doubled were needed
  • Hand painted all fire boy system
  • Installed 6 new fans, fixed trim tabs, and hydraulic system for steering, repacked rudder shafts
  • Put new clamps on drip seals for prop shafts
  • Put in new transom light and running lights
  • Put new fans all 3 heads and gfi plugs
  • Replaced with new mahogany lower rub rails with custom stainless trim and bronze screws, refastened every plank with new bronze screws on hull, cleaned ever joint in planking re- stuffed cotton and 5200 every seam stern to bow
  • Sanded primed hull 5 times to get all planking strait, before painting 4 coats sanding each coat stern to bow
  • Took old vacu- flush system out cleaned rerouted re wired and re installed
  • Made a new battery entrance panel side head wall custom
  • Cleaned out every cabinet sanded and painted inside of yacht
  • Installed cedar planking in all closets
  • Installed new 50amp exterior plugs for shore power also 2 30 amp shore plugs
  • Replaced 50% of head liners in over head of yacht with new trim
  • Installed new leather bed couches bar area
  • New water filter and plumbing under bar sink ice makerI
  • Installed new ice maker upper helm bar with water filter
  • Installed new bilge fans and electrical
  • Installed new upper helm and rewired lower helm consol with new electronics and speakers for sound system
  • Mounted garbage compactor
  • New plumbing and water lines under galley sink, new water lines and splitter under v-birth sink
  • New water filter and pluming in galley sink and a facet filter
  • New garbage disposal and wire
  • Fixed microwave oil screen was broken
  • Put new bulbs in over head lighting
  • Rebuilt entertainment tv centre
  • Put new 110 electrical from lower bar to upper bar uscg wire
  • Replaced door tracks and rollers
  • Rebuilt lower helm window motor
  • Installed all remote track led lighting
  • Removed gen set alternator head
  • Replaced 1 reycore engine fuel filter canister, cleaned all sea strainers, and re mounted one for gen set with new plumbing and double clamps
  • Fixed all throw hull fittings smooth movement
  • Replaced all abc type fire extinguishers 9 total uscg, and all rooms now have smoke alarms
  • Put new led light for full shit tank switch indicator
  • Rebuilt toilet in hall bath vacu- flush
  • Put new toilet paper and towel hangers galley and bar all three bath rooms
  • Made custom mahogany steps to go up onto salon house from lower deck
  • Custom made wall trim in salon
  • New shift and transmission cables lower and upper helm to motors, and rebuilt hand controllers were stripped out both helms
  • New plywood mahogany ¾ walls under bar windows removed replaced
  • New fuel cooler both motors installed
  • All engine room gang ways removed sanded and rubber coated
  • Rear master bed removed and bilge rubber coated with new bilge pump wiring and plumbing and new float was installed
  • New ¾ molding and custom stainless moldings upper helm and salon floors
  • New 1 ¾ upper helm doors for cabinets, al so removed all old railing and wire going know where and other unsafe features, and all old electronics and canvas, all electrical was heat shrinked at connections
  • New strobe lights life jackets flair and med kit, for 20 people
  • New 12 man off shore enclosed life boat with food water blankets fishing poles and gear
  • I went through 40 gallons of fiber glass resin, 40 yards glass fabric 36 tubes 5200 7 galleons fiber glass fine hair bondo, 12 packs 60 grit round fiber back 70 in pack sand paper, 12 packs of 100, 12 packs of 220 and two sleeves of 400 wet paper, 10 gallons of enterlux primer brushes, tape, labor 1 month off in two years hours 9 to 14 a day 7 days a week, roller pans, roller polls, thinners, roller pads, 60 feet of new mahogany planking 30 feet of new mahogany ribs 10 sheets ¾ mahogany plywood marine grade 1, like candy,12 gallons white rubber, 8 gallons black rubber paint, 1 qrt smooth cream, 10 gallons rough cream decks, 3 qrts clear rubber for wood, 1 qrt red for water line and rudders and shat blocks, 4 gallons black enterlux paint , 1 gallon oyster white, 1 qrt print match brown, list goes on
  • New rubber bottom of hull
  • New electronics
  • New canvas top
  • New theater couches in salon
  • New Formica burl wood walls in master bedroom and main hall way with led floor remote track lighting
  • Led underwater lighting in hull
  • All new electronics with auto pilot
  • Back up cam and engine room camera system
  • Added new longer walls to upper helm rebuilt upper helm walls built new cabinets and doors upper helm, built custom bar stools and rear new seat upper helm rubber painted all walls seats in and out upper helm fiber glassed outside upper helm walls, heat shrinked every wire in engine room and both helms took out all old wire and added new 12volt blocks upper lower helm installed 3 more radios and antennas, add led lighting around mid ship and upper helm, add led lighting around lower bar installed new fridg lower bar and fixed all 110 volt wire replaced all plugs with GFI add fiber glass and new ribs v-birth put in weather station and wired flushed and cleaned all fresh water tanks and fixed all leaks sanded hull front to rear 5 times after each layer of primer. My hourly rate was agreed at $150.00 an hour by Rob, 
  • New list and a few things I had forgot
    New work installed new hard wood floors and trim 2 new inverters back up camera and engine room cameras new blue LED lights and switch lower helm new LED blue step lights new Blue Led lights over bar 1 new 150 watt inverter upper BBQ counter, wired galley for inverter wired TV cabinet in salon for inverter plus all planking was refastened re-stuffed with new cotton and all filled with white 5200 new macerator pump installed and wired new switch new black fans added to all rooms aboard new radar and head mounted and wired new under dash LED lighting upper and lower helm new inverter wired engine room for camera system new flair kit and throw ring new fire extinguisher mount upper helm and mounted, painted complete engine room with cote-l fire proof rubber paint and rewired all system with USCG WIRE up to USCG standards, replaced all plywood and frames with new under large bar back windows both sides of yacht replaced lower salon window wood and fiber glass full length of windows,
    Fibber glassed lower helm windshields frames and galley front lower windows built and installed led bottle rack and wine glass over head rack lower bar re sealed all widows with 5200 white painted all rail polls with cote-l rubber and boarding ladder and vents transom light, stripped transom of cote-l rubber with a torch to remove sanded to rall wood then coated with clear cote-l rubber same as all wood rails

Contact Brian Willhite for further details and showing appointment. 

Please contact at (805) 984-8550

An diesem Boot interessiert? Gebührenfrei: 866-407-5711
Telefon: (805) 984-8550
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Gebührenfrei: 866-407-5711
Telefon: (805) 984-8550
Peninsula Yacht Sales

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Peninsula Yacht Sales
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An diesem Boot interessiert? Gebührenfrei: 866-407-5711
Telefon: (805) 984-8550